Sean Meyers Photograhy

Sean Meyers Photography

Muslim prayer in Greensboro North CarolinaPastor at the pulpit in Texas   

As a seasoned photojournalist Sean thrives on documenting and capturing those moments that define who we are as American’s, as southerners, as human beings.

As an artist, he is continually striving to use his photojournalist’s eye to create new aesthetics that will allow both his subjects and audiences to share in and inform/expand his perspective.

Sean began documenting African-American church services in small West Texas towns and continues to document faith in North Carolina. The year-long project, “The Faith Experience” allowed Sean to photograph the wide range of religious experiences found in Charlotte and the Piedmont of North Carolina.

Sean’s fascination with amateur boxing also began after a 2-year project documenting small Hispanic-American youth boxing clubs in West Texas.    

Sean's latest project was a fundraising calendar for the local homeless shelter and soup kitchen, Rowan Helping Ministries.  Sean photographed for several days, documenting daily life at the shelter.   

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